Standard Poodle Puppies 

We raise AKC Standard Poodle Puppies.  We offer various colors from health proven lines.  Some  come from Championship and Grand Championship lines.  We produce standard poodle puppies in abstract and solid true red, black and white, brown and white, phantom, and tri-color.   Occasionally we offer solid black, brown, and cream in a litter.   Our red color standard and small standard poodles carry the old prestigious lines in their pedigrees such as Majestic, Palmares, and Shangri-la.  Scroll all the way down page to see all the Standard Poodle puppies we have available.



Puppies Available Up-Date 06-19-2019

Parti-Factored Phantom Factored Puppies AVAILABLE NOW!

(This means that when bred with another parti or parti factored phantom there can be parti and or tri-color parti phantom puppies born)

Ginseng & Geronimo Litter

Born January 08 2019

Limited AKC Pet Price:   $1,500.00 to $1,800.00 (Plus 6% KY Tax)

Full AKC Price Limited Time Only: Male: $2,500.00  Female: $2,500.00 (Plus 6% KY Tax)

Puppies Are 5 Months Old As Of 06-08-2019

Male:  Brown & Red Phantom /SOLD/Gail

Male:  Brown & Apricot Phantom  AVAILABLE

Brown & Apricot Male Phantom   AVAILABLE

Brown & Apricot Phantom Female SOLD/M Quann/Ky

Brown Abstract, Reddish Phantom, Sable Phantom puppies from this litter Photos As Soon As Possible!







   “Red Sky Hawk”


Up-dated 05-30-2019

TRUE RED AKC Standard Poodle  

Scroll All The Way Down

Crimson & Red Sky Hawk II

AKC Limited Puppy Pet Prices: $3,000.00 to $3,500.00 (plus 6% Tax)  Spay/Neuter Agreement

Full AKC Breeding Rights At Eight Weeks $5,000.00   Older Dog: $6,500.00 (Plus 6% Tax)

Crimson Gave Birth To Six Beautiful Red AKC Standard Poodle Puppies 

Date Of Birth:  August 04, 2018/Ready To Go September 29, 2018

TRUE RED:  All have gorgeous and correct black points!

NOTE:  We Have 3 Male Puppies Currently Available!  Call For Information/Photos!

We have three older red male available now.  We will be updating the puppies photos in a few weeks Up-Dated 05-21-2019

 Solid Red Male Puppy:  ID Name “BLAZE”  Pet Price:  $3,500.00 Available

Solid Red Male Puppy:  ID Name “FIRE”  Pet Price:   $3,500.00  Available

Red Male Puppy  ID Name:  “FLAME”  Pet Price:  $3,500.00  Available

Vet said all the puppies are very healthy and beautiful!

Our Standard Poodle Puppies tails are docked in show cut, dew claws removed.


 CRIMSON is a gentle and loving dog.  She is the sunshine of my heart because she just simply makes me smile with her funny and gentle mannerisms.  She is unique in that she is unlike most dogs.  She is quiet, gentle,  and observant.  One of her favorite things is that she loves to gently nudge you with her nose for affection.   Crimson carries the true red and apricot genes of Palmares, Majestic, and Shangri-la lines.  She makes beautiful healthy deep red and rich apricot-red puppies that are pleasing to everyone that sees them.  Her puppies always have nice correct black pigmented points.  She stands about 25 inches at the withers and is 50 pounds.


RED SKY HAWK II is always happy and loves to be the center of my attention.  He produces beautiful deep red puppies like his sire, Red Sky Hawk.  He carries the true red genes of Majestic, Shangri-la, and Palmares and has been carefully crossed to retain the health, black points, and true red lines of his ancestors.  He has beautiful correct black pigmented points.   Sky Hawk stands about 25 inches at the withers and is about 55 pounds.

About Standard Poodle Puppies:  Standard Poodles are smart and make fantastic pets!  Standard Poodle Puppies are a very unique breed that are known for their high intelligence and loyalty to their families.  As standard poodle puppies grow and mature it is as if they understand almost everything you say to them!  Because standard poodle puppies catch on fast; many of our new puppy owners tell us that they are easy to train and handle.  Under a good consistent training schedule your puppy will love impressing you with all the things he or she can learn! Like ringing a bell to go outdoors or fetching his leash to you for a walk.  Some of our new puppy owners have even taught their puppies to give the high five! 

While most of our puppies are adopted to become devoted family members, we are proud to say that some go on to become loyal therapy or working dogs as well. 

We do offer some of our puppies with full AKC Registration for an additional cost to approved homes.    We always reserve the option of keeping a puppy for ourselves.