55 lbs 25 Inches Withers/Square

This is Cherokee.  She is our beautiful black and white parti-color AKC Standard Poodle.  She presents and holds herself in the much sought after..typical proud Standard Poodle fashion.  She has great conformation, full ear leather, with correct tail and ear set.  Cherokee has a pleasing quiet and gentle disposition.  She has been and continues to be a joyful asset to our family and breeding program.  We feel we have truly been Blessed to have her as an important part of our family and our small breeding program.
Cherokee is a perfectly natural-born mothering type dog with a deep loyal and loving affection for her human family as well.
She is an excellent mommy to her babies.


 60-65 lbs. About 21 Inches Withers
This is our AKC English Cream Golden Retriever.  She has a beautiful white cream color coat.  She comes from very long lines of prestigious Russian-Hungarian Championship Imported Lines.  Her Grandparents hold titles in both the show ring and the field!  She is a love of our life.  She has a cute demeanor about her that melts your heart.   Her coat is nice silky soft to the touch and she has warm kind intelligent dark brown eyes.  She loves to stay right by your side whether you are mowing the lawn or just walking.  She is beautiful and graceful in stature and movement.   She is an excellent mommy to her puppies.  She is mother to our F1 English Cream Goldendoodles!  As you can see in the photo…she has her first litter on board!
 She loves her own, and everyone else’s babies.  She is a great mommy and reproduces her gentle nature and gorgeous light cream color in her puppies.


38 lbs.  23 Inches Withers/Square
This is our beautiful sweet red AKC Standard Poodle, Scarlet.  She is a petite or smaller size standard poodle with a great attitude and loving personality.  Her Granddad is a championship show dog in Europe.  We are proud of our beautiful Scarlet.  She gives us the most beautiful dark red puppies with great form and presence!!    She loves to be by your side in whatever you do.  She loves to run and play like a puppy and is a great mommy to her babies.