Our Boys

Our Boys

Our boys are great looking dogs with good temperaments.  They are loyal loving family type dogs by breed and by lines.  Our boys have often helped care for their own puppies and have proved to be proud loving parents.  Our breeding boys are all nicely built with correct points, high tail sets, nice straight even backs, scissor bites, and calm mellow temperaments.   They pass these positive inheritances on to their own puppies.  We want you to be happy with the puppy you purchase from our family breeding program.  Our puppies come with a one year purchase agreement guarantee. 


   Red Sky Hawk II

 50 lbs.  25 Inches at the withers/square.

 Red Sky Hawk II is a genetically true red color.  The photos show him in both shade and the sunlight.  He is a son of Red Sky Hawk.  He comes from an awesome red line of healthy poodles that hold their red colors.   He has a beautiful tight red curly coat, great scissor bite, high tail set, and straight even back.  He has a graceful presence and stance.  One of the things we love most about him is that he has a kind and loving heart with an even, loving personality and temperament just like his parents.  


 Red Sky Hawk / Retired

50 lbs/24″ Withers

Our red standard poodle puppies come from beautiful true red lines!


“Geronimo, “Maker Of Legends”

This is our gorgeous brown and white  parti-color AKC Standard Poodle sire we call Geronimo.  He is one of the most intelligent loving dogs one could ever hope for and is a great dad to his babies.  He comes from very beautiful healthy bloodlines of grand-championship show dogs.  He has a perfect strong solid muscular build, scissor bite, high tail set, brown points, great temperament, and a proud and awesome stance.   He is 58 lbs.  26 Inches at the withers/Square.

 He passes his awesome conformation, stance, intelligent calm loving personality on to his puppies.

   “ ZORO”

  45-50 lbs/24 Inches at the withers/square.

This is our beautiful black and tan Phantom AKC Standard Poodle.  He comes from some awesome healthy bloodlines of championship show dogs.   He posses an intelligent, awesome calm temperament that he passes on to his puppies.  Our Vet said “he is great because he will let you do anything with him.”   He has an awesome temperament!  He also has a full length tail with a high tail set, straight back, scissor bite, black points, and nice phantom markings. He has a mellow and laid back temperament which he passes on to his puppies.