Older Puppy/Dog Program
Special Note:  Can you remember any one time in life that you have felt a bit nervous or uneasy when entering new crowds of people..or places.  School is a good example.  Entering elementary school or college for the first time can be one of those unsettling times in life that you can feel out of place,  a bit frightened,  and have to strive to adjust and feel like you fit in with the environment and crowd.   Like Albert Einstein might say; Certain life experiences can make you feel scrambled up inside.  When considering an older dog or puppy, keep in mind that most older dogs and puppies will require some adjustment time in order to fit in with their new homes and family. 
First Impressions Are Important
 Just like many children and young people (and even adults);  most animals need tender loving care when entering new and strange environments and families too.  With reassurance and positive support most all older puppies and dogs will adapt to new families and environments.   And just like people, some will adapt sooner than others.   But with a knowledgeable sensitive loving hand,  unconditional patience and love,  like children; most all older dogs and puppies have the capacity to acclimate.  Once they have an understanding of you, their new home, environment,  feel accepted and safe with you, and can understand what you expect of them, they can gain confidence and fit in.   And just like people; from the moment you meet, everything you do, how you do it, and how you say things to them with your voice and body language,  will have an effect and will determine how fast or slow they adapt.   
NOTE:  All of the older dogs and puppies we sell are up to date with all shots and worming.  That includes the one year rabies shot.  They will be removed from our page as they are sold.   

Mom is an F1 English Cream Golden Doodle  From Russian & British Imported Championship Lines and Dad is an AKC Standard Poodle With A Nice Champion Pedigree!

                                                                                     Aspen Is A JELENA & APACHE MOON Puppy

English Cream Golden Retriever & AKC Standard Poodle

Born April 03, 2016  One Year and 11 Months Old!

   Pet Price SALE $1,500.00   If Breeding Rights $5,300.00

Aspen’s sale price for pet is for a limited time only if interested.  Call Now!

   English Cream Color

Nice Blocky Head!

        Estimated Adult Weight 70-80 +- Pounds Full Grown






Born May 07, 2017  9 Months Old

Pet Price:  $2,000.00  Breeding Rights:  $5,300.00


Brothers:  Available as a pair of pets or separately




Lucky  SALE!  $1,500.00

Beautiful Dog With Sweet Personality!






Beautiful Dog With Great Presence!

This dog would be an asset to a good breeding program.



Solid Colors  Black F1 English Golden Doodle Puppies

Parents:  JELENA & ZORO

F1 Low to Non-Shedding Black English Goldendoodle

Born May 17, 2017  9 Months Old!

ID Name:  “HAWK”


AVAILABLE  Pet Price:  $1,000.00

Hawk is a bit shy and will need a loving hand to assist him in bonding.




AVAILABLE:  Pet Price:  $1,700.00  Breeding Rights:  $5,300.00

Beautiful Black Puppy Dog With A Great Personality!

Sparrow is a sweet outgoing puppy with a desire to be near you.  Sharp puppy with a warn and loving disposition.