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We Breed Unique Pure breed Poodles and Mix Breed Doodles.  Our puppies are bred for Low to Non-Shedding coats.  We offer Moyen, or Small Standard, plus regular standard sizes.  We offer puppies in an assortment of colors in solid, parti  and Tri-color.  

We offer AKC Standard Poodle,  CKC Goldendoodle,  Bernedoodle,  with plans for adding Sheepadoodle puppies in 2019!

For Safe Nationwide Puppy Service Call US! (606) 784-9080

Unique Family Dogs is currently a producer of high quality Standard Poodle, Goldendoodle,  and Berne Doodle!  Our goal is to raise healthy, beautiful, unique, low to non-shedding family dogs that make great loving pets!  

We are located right off interstate 64, at exit 137 in Morehead Kentucky.   Home of Morehead State University and beautiful Cave Run Lake.   

The health and safety of our puppies are a number one priority with us!  We Ship Nation Wide Using Pet Safe Airlines.  Ground shipping may be available exclusively at your request.

Our breeding program first began with our first love.  The pure bred AKC Standard Poodle.  

                            Red AKC Standard Poodle


Several years later we were introduced to another family type dog, the Golden-doodle.   We then decided to introduce the unique and handsome parti-color Goldendoodle! Since then we have opened our hearts and minds to the people who call and specifically request non-shedding family dogs for pets due to personal preference, or from the medical need to have hypo-allergenic pets.   We choose specific breeds we believe are most compatible and that compliment one another best in the areas of health, beauty, and temperament.    Those are the intelligent AKC Standard Poodle, Goldendoodle, and Bernedoodle.  Pictured here are a few examples of the puppies born right here on our farm.                     


                                                                                                                                  Chocolate and White Goldendoodle   

                            Tri Color Bernedoodle

These are the breeds we now offer.  AKC Standard Poodle, CKC Golden-doodle, and Berne-doodle,   We plan to include the fun loving Sheepadoodle sometime in 2019.  We produce puppies in colors of Solid, Phantom, Sable Phantom, Parti,  Bi-color, Abstract,  and Tri-colors.    Our most popular colors include red, brown, black, tri-color, and parti.  Our parti colors include brown and white, black and white, and sometimes red and white abstract.

Call us!  (606) 784-9080